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Stanbridge Wealth

Our family office is there to help you and your family with your financial affairs. We are an independent financial advice firm that is free from the influence of third parties. This lets us put your interests at the heart of everything we do.

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Stanbridge Wealth

We provide bespoke financial advice to individuals, families, and business owners. Our aim is to help you and your family with your financial affairs and help you put in place the protection policies and inheritance plans that you may need for the future.

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Stanbridge Wealth

For business owners we help with the provision of pension arrangements that can help support the company’s commercial development, arrange protection for key business risks, and help with employee incentives and succession arrangements.


About us

Stanbridge Wealth is a privately-owned firm of independent financial advisers, free from the influence of third parties. This lets us put our clients' interests at the heart of everything we do.

For those who have acquired wealth, often by years of personal endeavour, the preservation of that wealth and its investment for the future is of primary concern. Stanbridge Wealth aims to support these objectives by providing tailored independent financial advice to individuals and their families using our extensive knowledge of a wide range of investments and tax wrappers to meet their needs.

For business owners we help with the provision of directors’ pension schemes that can support its commercial development, arrange prudent protection plans for key business risks, and help with employee incentives, succession arrangements and tax efficient exits.

Our overriding aim is to help provide bespoke financial and investment advice that is pertinent to our clients’ needs.


What we can offer you

  • Investments

    Achieving and maintaining good investment growth and returns, whilst also mitigating market risk, is vital to achieve most people's financial plans. We will help construct an investment portfolio that matches your financial objectives and has a market exposure in keeping with your attitude to risk.

  • Pension Planning

    We find that many clients have accumulated several different pensions throughout their working life. In these situations, we recommend reviewing the existing pension plans to ensure that the combined benefits will provide the pension you will require. Also, the individual pension plans should be checked to ensure they are both suitable and performing sufficiently for your needs.

  • Retirement Planning

    The most important financial consideration for many people is that they have a sensible and sufficient pension in retirement. Professional advice to ensure that your retirement planning will meet your future needs and expectations is often vital. Stanbridge Wealth has helped many of its clients resolve this key concern.

  • Personal & Family Protection

    Protection for you and your family against the untoward events in life is where insurance plays a key part in financial planning. This is also about having the right sort of protection as well as the right level of cover. Our Stanbridge advisers will help ensure you and your family are correctly and adequately protected.

  • Business Protection

    The common challenge for all business owners is the need to start, build, protect and potentially exit the business in a way that is profitable and tax efficient. There are several key financial considerations to ensure these are possible. There are also financial support options that many business owners are often unaware of until too late. Stanbridge can advise on these.

  • IHT Planning

    Many individuals build up substantial assets over their working life. It is understandable that they would wish the maximum proportion of these assets should pass to their family and chosen beneficiaries. With our experience, we can help prepare a plan to utilise the legitimate exemptions and strategies available to mitigate IHT.

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